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Here is a simple block slider game in Html5.  The object is to move the big red piece "A" from the left side to the right side.  based off the classic wooden block slider game

anyone can solve feel free to post your score.  works on all devices.  use finger to touch swipe to move blocks.  Enjoy!


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Hi, good start, now try to make it user friendly.
You need to improve the moving mechanism as it is now, it's hardly playable. Way to restrictive and annoying. I played with a mouse and gave up. You need to be kind to your player, try to figure out what they wanted to do and let the piece moved freely. Don't punish them like you do at the moment. Also, I want to be able to move into a direction, then to another without having to release the mouse.

Sorry, but your art skills hurt my eyes ;) . Try to change the color of the pieces and never ever again use primary color. The letters on the boxes are not necessary, get rid of them. I made a quick image to show you a direction you could try for the art...

good luck.


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I agree with previous comments. It seems to have single difficulty level and that happens to be "Very hard".

It'll be better to have movement of tiles without having to drag by mouse. On mouse hover show arrows, which can be clicked to move tile in respective direction.

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