[WIP]RPG - Miyamoto Musashi: The Dream Journey

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Hey guys. This is a simple RPG demo featuring characters from "Fate/Grand Order" (derivative work), powered by "System Animator 11" (WIP) written by myself.

PLAY: http://www.animetheme.com/system_animator_online/SystemAnimator_online_FGO.html?cmd_line=/TEMP/DEMO/fgo_rpg01


"System Animator" is originally a desktop gadget project, a fully customizable system monitor/music visualizer/animated wallpaper with focus on visuals and fun. It runs on "Electron", which is basically a Chrome browser, and no wonder System Animator itself is basically HTML5. In this upcoming WIP version, I plan to make it fully online and add some gaming features so that it can be used to make browser-based 3D games (mainly RPG for now). If you want to know more about System Animator itself, check out the following page.


For more info about the game itself (controls/copyright/license/credits/etc), check out the following README file.


The game has only been tested on Google Chrome and Firefox. It doesn't work on Edge right now, but it may work on other modern browsers.

Bug reports and commments are most welcomed.



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