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Glow Layer

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Hi guys.  This is cool.  But but but... is animation allowed?  Time variable?  I know little about shaders, but in the old "lava" and "fire" materials... they were animated.  How do they do that?

A few months ago, I was trying to put sparkly particles on dynamicTextures... and failed.  I was trying real-time blit-animating the context2d imageBuffer... and... well... I failed due to incompetence.  My objective was to make sparkly/glittery fonts and backgrounds... for GUI controls/containers.

Wouldn't it be cool... if both of your "layers" features... worked on GUI controls/containers?  Glow-fonts!

Anyway, there would be various "characteristics" to animate.  Glow density, intensity, color, and a guy COULD send sinusoidal "phasings" across the glow.  Like... waves of glow... or stripes of glow... or even "clouds" of glow... swirls... all animated.  Can do?  (droooool)

Is there any chance we could "borrow" the animation from fire and lava post-processes/shaders, and use them in either of your layer features?   Are layers animatable and would we find good use for that?  Should pre-made animations be 'add-ons' to certain shaders (or maybe only those that utilize time parameter)?  Plug'n'play animations?

What are the chances of developing a "glittery glow" and a glittery highlightLayer? 

I'm a sparkle junkie.  I was whacked in the head with faerie dust... when I accidentally woke-up while the tooth faerie was reaching for a tooth... under my pillow... when I was age 3.  ;)  I got sparkled.  heh.

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