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In celebration of next week's 2018 Olympic Winter Games we developed a small collection of simple HTML5 winter sport themed games.  Each game is designed to load fast and run on desktop and mobile browsers (keyboard, mouse, touch controllable).  And yes, each game features CANADIAN athletes, because they are the best :) 




Choose your hero and compete across three courses in the Winter Sports Slalom Event. Steer between the slalom gates and collect boosts to improve your time. Train your athlete for success. Will you win the gold medal?





Choose your hero and compete against three fierce opponents in the Ice Hockey event. Avoid the attacking players to approach the goal line. Once in front of the goal, time your shot to score! Can you win the gold medal?





Choose your hero and compete across three programs in the Figure Skating event. Perform incredible jumps and fast spins as you time your moves to perfection. Will you land all your moves and be awarded all three gold medals?




These games were developed with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps.  We used several old-school techniques to create the "3D" effects - segments for the slalom, parallax for the hockey, mode7 for the skating.


Designed primarily for a high profile kids portal all three games are also available to license (on a non-exclusive basis) from our website: http://b10b.com 




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I've tried "Slalom hero" so far and I really enjoyed this game:) This effect of airflow works great and gives genuine sense of speed. Crowd cheering and bells sound effects in the ground make me feel as if the olympic games has already started and I'm in the middle of this.

As a Pole and great fan of Adam Małysz I would like to say that I'd love to play your version of ski jumping. And in fact it could be a nice opportunity to make successful HTML5 for Middle and North Europe (Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia) where ski jumping is a popular sport discipline and we have had a couple of successful PC games in the past. Unfortunatelly the current season is coming to an end and maybe it wouldn't be the best idea to release such game i.e. in a month, but it seems to be quite interesting plan for the future.

triple gold medalist B)

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5 hours ago, bambo said:

triple gold medalist B)

Congratulations on your success - and many thanks for the feedback and suggestions for a Ski Jump game.  I know little about the sport - if following a similar framework to our other winter games, what might the four attributes of success be?

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a] Jump strength

b] Ability of taking-off in the right position of take-off run (you'd need in your game i.e. horizontal gradient stripe red-orange-green-orange-red; when you're near to the edge of the take-off run indicator starts to go from left to the right; when you tap when indicator is on the first red it means you took off too early and you'll achieve less distance; the same when indicator is on the second red but it would mean that you took off too late; when you tap when it's in green you'll reach the greatest distance; upgrading this attribute could impact the speed of indicator movement)

c] Technique (it would vary the "style points" players get from judges; 5 judges gives up to 20.0 points for style - there's some ideal pattern of ski jumper position during flight and his landing and they judge how good actual player fits this standard; so this attribute would impact the first part of this points and the second one would be dependent on Landing)

d] Landing (there are two types of landing:
- telemark (  http://www.neosaturn.com/skijumping/PeterkaTelemark.jpg ) - it allows you to get up to 20.0 points
- on two feet (  http://www.neosaturn.com/skijumping/MSchmittLanding.jpg ) - it's worse type of landing and judges give less points; then you can get max. ~ 16.5 - 17.5 points
Unfortunatelly I can't tell you what is the exact distribution of this points between Landing and Flight phase. I can only give you example of Małysz fall ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX5kXjhXTmQ ) when he got about 12.0 points (but I don't know if he wouldn't get less if had landed on two feet before fell). So maybe it's 10 points for Flight and 10 points for Landing but I'm not sure about this.

e] Ability of keeping the right position in the air

If you need more information on how ski jumping can work in game you can find some gameplay videos from  PC games on youtube :)

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