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new rest pos for Skeleton

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Hi all, who know the babylon have the fucnctionality for setting a new rest pose for skleton?

I mean, if we have a skeleton for the example with 20 frames and by default the rest pose it the first frame, but if I need to apply a frame of the animation as new rest pose, how I can do this from code?

Thanks  :)

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On 07.02.2018 at 7:35 PM, Deltakosh said:

Hello this is not directly supported but you should be able to update bone._restPose to a new Matrix


If this works for you I'll add an accessor to avoid using a private property

I tried, but it is not exactly what I need.

I need something like setFrame for a bone, but setFrame working only if an animaiton for a bone already played.

If I clone new skeletone and use setFrame for each one bone for the skeleton and skeleton do not have playing animation, then setFrame does not works.

How I can clone skeleton and at once in this frame before a render apply any frame for this skeleton, that the animation started from frame that I need, because the first animation

alway started from rest pose and then rest pose blends with animation which we started.

In short - need to start animation for new skeleton from needed frame without rest pose.



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Hi guys.  Sorry to interrupt.  Yeah, this is animation "sewing", in a way.

"Rest".  It would be nice to have auto-animate... from rest position... to ANY-frame.

AND... auto-animate... from ANY-frame... to rest position.

Animations are not as plug'n'play as they COULD be, eh?  *nod*

I dunno why I replied.  I have nothing useful to say.  :/

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*nod*.  It might not be technically possible, though.  Animations could be "accumulated" (additive?), so perhaps they need to be played-to-a-frame, and cannot jump to a frame.

I think each frame is "movement since previous frame" and not "movement since beginning frame".  Maybe, no jump-to-frame is possible... because of that. 

But, I am no expert about interpolations.  I should read some docs and/or study some code... before I yap.  :)

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Okay, there I tried to get keys from the animation, that to get matrix from the key, but after this code nothing happens, the skeloton still have the rest pose 


var animation = scene.beginAnimation(skeleton, 0, 1);
for (var i = 0; i < skeleton.bones.length; i++) {
            var keys = animation.getAnimations()[i].getKeys();

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