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Laser Defence

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Hi all.

I have just uploaded my first ever HTML5 game called Laser Defence.
The game can be played here:
It should work across all devices supporting WebGL although I have primarily tested on Android Chrome and Windows Chrome browsers. 

The aim of the game is to shoot down incoming missiles before they hit the small town.  

The primary motivation for making the game was the learning experience: get something done and get it out in the world!

The game was written in TypeScript using PixiJS v4.
Tools used include Node.js, VSCode and Webpack 

Artwork was made in 8bit painter for Android.

Tell me what you think!



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Hi all.

For fun i wrapped my game in Cordova and published it to the Google Play store.


I had some issues getting consistent framerates on my Galaxy S5 using Android 6.0.

The solution was to use the Cordova Crosswalk plugin which provides its own  WebView with much better performance:

With the con of a beefier APK size, about 24MB - but definitely worth it since the vsync appears to be much more consistent using Crosswalk (less stuttering). 


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What kind of cost is incurred dropping that many missiles in quick succession.
I did alright! But I wanna see some helpers appear periodically to help me fight these guys off. Fun game. 

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