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Play Link: Pixel Memory


Find all card pairs, level your profile & unlock new cards in this “Memory” classic optimized for mobile!

Play Link: Pixel Memory


Welcome to the "Memory" classic, expanded with new features & optimized for mobile!

Game Features:

  • Play the “Memory” classic in this mobile game.
  • 3 Difficulties: Easy, Medium & Hard.
  • Level up your profile & unlock more cards.
  • Browse your collection to see which cards you’ve already unlocked.
  • 4 card deck skins: Choose the one you like best!
  • View your profile for your game stats & best scores in all difficulties.


  • Find all the matching card pairs on the table.
  • Find them before you run out of guesses.
  • Unlock all the card packages in the game.


The whole game requires only click inputs and is perfectly optimized for mobile!



The game was developed solely by me. All assets in this game were either done by me or from the CC0 assets linked below. These sources are also credited inside the game:

Play Button
Name: Cartoon Mobile Rounded Icon Buttons
Author: Nathan "GDquest" Lovato,,

Explosion Sprite:
Name: 2D Explosion Animations #2 | Frame by frame
Author: Sinestesia,,



Play Link: Pixel Memory

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I made a trailer for the game, what do you think? Is it a big issue that the game screen doesn't cover the full video screen? For some reason it wouldn't let me scale it up, even though the video capture was same height as the game screen.

It's the first time I tried doing a trailer. Oh and by the way, the win rate has drastically increased too! It is now at 66% overall :)



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