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I'm currently developing a single player game in Phaser and occurred to me to make it online multiplayer instead but I would prefer not to run my own server and wondering what solutions are out there for hosting online multiplayer games?

I searched the web and did come across 4 solutions.

PlayerIO, AppWarp, Photon and using platforms like Heroku and Amazon....

At the moment I'm more likely go with PlayerIO because the pricing is better, the free package allow me to get started with no obligations and the paid packages also seems cheap compared to other hosts but I would like to get some feedback if it any good or not, should I consider using something else?

I would be grateful for any opinion on this or even links to articles I could learn something from.

Thank you.

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Providers like Amazon AWS, MS Azure, OpenShift, Google App Engine still require you to build a backend server app _and_ manage that backend server in some way.
If I'm not mistaken, playerio completely abstracts all that away so you are only running code snippets handled through an event system.  you don't need to build and manage the networking layer.

So, flexibility + customizability use a Platform as a Service Provider (AWS, Azure, AppEngine ...)
Ease of use and reduced complexity use a Software as a Service Provider (PlayerIO, AppWarp ...)

Good luck!  I'd like to know which way you went

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