Firefox 58.0.2 incorrect emissive mesh (both stable and preview)

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Hey guys, I was trying to finally update to the newest stable version but it makes my spheres glow (wrongly emissive from a distance and also from the dark side of the spheres. But, I'm pretty sure it's not due to lack of light).

Anyhow, the bug only happens in Firefox 58.0.2 (that I know of) . But, the preview version and stable version both have it. I figure it's related to something you were already aware of... but just in case this is a new version of the bug...

Mostly working old version of babylon.custom.js:

Buggy version on stable 3.1:  (you probably won't see the problem if you're not on Firefox)

You guys are nothing but amazing, I have no complaints. Just trying to help/learn.

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Lol at "work arounded" :D

This is what happens with 3.2:

hmmmm... 3.2 was doing the emissive thing too... But,  now it just hates Saturn's rings... on every browser. I did just download a new babylon.custom about 30 minutes ago.

all 3 of the posted examples are the same .js and .html files....  Whatever, I'll just attach all of the files. I'm just doing this to teach myself how to make games anyway.

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Now that I have it here, it appears to be a problem with 

I just changed it to ringsBackside.setEnabled(false); and that seems to have fixed it.  Yep... just needed to use true/false rather than 1/0.  I'm excited that I can update now. All fixed.

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