Is phaser a drag and drop engine?

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I have some javascript experience but am new to game development. I like the idea of using a drag and drop engine to help me get an idea of how to develop a game without getting too technical on the coding side. Once my coding gets stronger and I have a better sense of what I can/ought to do with an engine, then I can try to merge the skills. So the questions are: is Phaser a drag and drop engine? If it is, can it be done through a "pure" drag and drop approach or a "minimal" coding approach? Again, I'd like to keep the two skills separated at first, because if I'm going to have to reinvent the wheel anyway, I might as well learn Unity and C#.

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I highly recommend GDevelop to get your feet wet in game development and understanding many basic mechanics.  It's full drag and drop, but does also allow some basic scripting if need be.  Best of all, it's free unlike GameMaker or Construct.

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