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Hybrid apps vs. C# and Unity.

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This might seem like a ridiculous question, but I was just curious to hear your input on the subject. In brief, I have spent a lot of time learning web development (specifically the front-end). Although, I recently gained interest in creating games with JavaScript frameworks such as Phaser. With that said, is there anything wrong with making simple 2D games for mobile using JavaScript code and something like PhoneGap to get it on mobile stores? Do any of you currently do this?

Or should I change my focus to Unity and C#?

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Hi @EpicKingdom_

I haven't released any games on iOS or Android, but I'm interested in doing so. I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I used to make a lot of Flash games, and since it's 'death', have been kind of lost.

I've recently asked a similar question to yours, as I've also been unsure of where to go. One thing I can say, is that performance for standard 2d and simple 3d games is definitely there on modern devices (with HTML5).

I really think that for what most people are making, the performance difference is getting a little redundant between native and HTML5.

With HTML5 you also gain an extra possible revenue stream - the online sponsorship/licencing market (as niche as it currently might be).

Because of my inexperience with app publishing , I am however unsure of any issues that might arise when trying to include the likes of iAP and Ads, using a wrapper.

If I could only pick one, and had to choose between having my game running on cross platform technology (HTML5) and be playable on any browser, as well as the possibility of wrapping and publishing, OR only running on Destops, iOS and Android - I would definitely go for HTML5. One of the reasons being is that you can build a business outside of the App market, which won't always be there, but in one way or another, web technology always will (I believe).

I think that for this you really need a tool which make production smooth and fast. If this make the tool Construct 2 or 3, Panda or Phaser, because you can get stuff done quickly and it works, I say do it.

I understand people using Unity for 3d games, but I really do think it's absolute overkill for 2d games and actually makes everything more difficult while increasing your production times.

Somebody once said, that it's like using a sledge hammer to sculpt a miniature.

I've seen people build successful online businesses using tools like Adobe Animate (not ideal for game design) and Construct 2/3.

I would really love to hear people experiences with publishing HTML5 games as wrapped apps :)


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My game (in the signature) is Phaser 2.4.4 with Cordova and crosswalk.

From Android 6, crosswalk is not really needed anymore.

The advantage of Phaser and Cordova for mobile is the simplicity of development, I could get a app working in a small amount of time (only with free components).

The downside is performance, although my game runs smoothly in most devices, it still can't compete with native.

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