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A bit on the early side, but I've been working on a 3D level editor and a game to go with it.  I did look for 3D WebGL map editors when I started and didn't come across any open source (besides Voxel type) and I want to use ie: glTF models inside the editor and integrate in a game and one day a easy to use game creation engine.  The editor itself will be open sourced (right now it's too tightly integrated with the game).  Hoping it will make game development easier and faster for games with small maps (2D, 2.5D or 3D) - users often have better ideas than game creators ever could have imagined!  Partly inspired by this project (I copied the game from @Temechon).

The first version of the level editor is here:

It's very PoC (Proof of Concept) material with lots of known issues and bugs.  My next idea is instead of having the semi circle of things to instead have a tray that slides out in front of the board (and board slides back).  Then I won't need all the popups with tiny text and it will work in VR.  Right now the levels that you create can be published to the game, but not always published correctly, sorry :(.  Publishing a level creates a URL you can share, though!  To give an idea of how some bots work I created a 4 level tutorial: (if the roboloco logo is spinning a level is loading... i'm on an affordable tier!)


The game received lots of constructive feedback from an Indie game dev meetup this week, so will be working on those ideas, but unfortunately really busy on other things as well :)  So, back to the drawing board... again. Thanks!

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