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This is wobbling to market.  Crime analysis tools:  prototypes built on open data.

The "strive" was for great presentation fast, slicing a lot of data in many useful ways.  I started with SVG - and still use it for conventional charts.  A lot of the data is presented on a map.  In January, I elected to dispense with Google Maps and put the whole thing on a Babylon Canvas.  I already felt late so it has been an intense period.  Images are below and you can use it at, and  The 3d part is called "geo-location".  (You may need to sit and the landing page for a few counts before trying to navigate.)

Thank you all for making Babylon.  It has changed my life.  Also, a shout out to JohnK for suggesting SPS, which have served me well.

Comments, suggestions, conversation all welcome.

~ I applied scene.pick to allow the user to enumerate details of crimes in a specific area. 
~ Chicago is mammoth, with about 400K crime records and a bazillion hexagons, but it still works


Image 1:  Assault and Battery in San Francisco for the past three years.

Image 2: Theft from motor vehicle.  Color indicates increase/decrease; elevation indicates current level



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Prym8, I agree.  I created a helping utility but it gets fouled up when I do a major rewrite.  (It was a huge rewrite and was just finished last night.)  I want Illuminated City to be intuitively clear to all newcomers and it is not.

That being said, here are a couple tips: 
~ When you change selections on crime types or categories the "Update" button should light up.  Click that button to see your selections on the chart
~ You can also choose more narrowly for calendar time or for things like time-of-day and day of week by using the other tabs in the panel
~ The tool panel (the panel overlaying the canvas) has a "target" function which permits you to select an area and see more details of the crime events there

I hope that helps.  I appreciate the prompting and will continue to work to improve clarity.  Thanks for the note.

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It's pretty high on my list.  Since, I presume you will keep it posted for a while, we were trying to pick the most effective one we have.  My plan was to give you the goods this weekend.  Does that work for you?

Heck, I can do it tonight if you wish.  In any case, be reassured that I am not gonna forget.

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I dropped it on your wall (or page or whatever they call it here) last night.  I figured the longer I took, the more you would expect it to be great.  So, I wanted to nip that in the bud.  If you do not see it, please let me know.

I will almost certainly have better-looking updates in a few weeks.  So you might hear back from me . . .

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Name is Brian Button; title is Illuminated City; screenshot is below.

If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.  I am a fan of what you guys are doing and have benefited from the community.



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