How to draw on particular [TMX] layer?

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in Isometric RPG example (

is there a way to draw tile selector on particular layer?

For example, i may add some tilesSelector layer to the TMX map.

In the Isometric RPG example the tile selector is drawn on the top of all layers. I would like to draw it on the basement, under player feet.



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it could as simple as setting the correct z order to your "tile selector object" 

and to make it fully dynamic, you can get the required tile z value using the following code (after your map has been loaded) :

// get the TMX Map Layer called "basement"
var layer ="basement")[0];

// get the layer z value
var zOrder = layer.pos.z;

then you can just reuse zOrder when instantiating your tile selector, and it should do the trick :)

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