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Srange white outline && 3dsMax exporter

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Hey friends, 

I have 2 problems :(

1. my object has some strange white outline on chrome 65, android 6 and 7, unfortunatelly I can't do a screenshot because on screenshot all the time it;s ok :)) and I cann't explain why, all good on other browsers. So, the question is, Can I avoid this somehow?
2. I exported an object from 3ds max with 4 submaterials and 22 materials, almost all pbr materials, but I got 59 materials on the babylonjs file, so I think I didn't do something fine? :)
I manually remove all the duplicates from materials from babylonjs file, but I still have duplicates on the live scene. :(
Here is a demo for both problems

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1. It's gonna be tough to help :) You need to divide and conquer here: remove stuff from your scene until you find the culprit

2. Can you open an issue on the exporter repo and share the scene? We will have a look at it to understand this behavior (perhaps you have shared materials?)

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