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Loading rotated texture atlas

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I have a texture atlas generated by Texture Packer with the "rotate" option is enabled.

In order to load & render all the frames correctly, now I have to use a simple script to pre-process the json file, swap the "w" and "h" properties if the frame is marked "rotated".

Is it possible to make a custom loader to load such texture atlas and store the restored frame in the cache

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On 3/12/2018 at 5:01 PM, AndreasLoew said:

If it's only swapping w and h it's easy to do this in TexturePacker's exporter.

But I think that you'll run in all kinds of issues with this in Phaser..?!


Thanks for reply. I just read this article and confirm that Phaser supports texture-atlas with rotation enabled, so I don't need any pre-processing now.

It seems that the comments of altas loaders are not updated, it still says that the "rotate" option in the atlas software must be disabled?

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