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This plugin will help you build paths for pathfollowers and path tweens. Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines and Ellipses at runtime and export them to Phaser.


  • A useful tool for editing and building paths.  
  • Explore your scene while building paths.
  • Draw your path in-game during runtime.
  • Export path as JSON Data.
  • Load them into Phaser and create awesome animations using  pathfollowers!
  • Maximum usage of Phaser API.

More cool features will be added soon! 


Src & Docs



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Read the full details here : v1.5.0



  • Added Scene explorer, hold middle mouse button to move through the game scene.
  • Added reset view button.
  • Added camera zoom using mouse scroll wheel.
  • Added mouse cursors for improved UX.

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