Keys Of Triumph announcement (WIP)

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Greetings everyone,

We at UnniTech are proud to announce the development of our online multiplayer RPG, Keys Of Triumph.  We have started the development in January and we expect to go into closed alpha pretty soon. We will announce the projects website later on with full details on release dates, game plot, trailers and more!

The game is being developed in BabylonJS and we expect for it to be fully cross platform.  If you have any question regarding the game, you can message us and we will gladly answer. Expect updates soon!


UPDATE : Here is a link to apply for beta tester. We will launch next year a short beta period and then going for release. We are all very excited !!!



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Hello everyone,

We are very happy to post an update about the game. We are now near the launch of the beta which will be next year and we would really appreciate your support. 
You can all apply for beta testing here http://kot.unnigames.com/ . Soon we will add a forum and a discord server to share more frequent and through updates.

Thank you for your support and we are waiting for you application! 

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