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Spine performance

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I have canvas 1920 x 1080 and 5 different Spine animations that uses a lot of textures.
Add 20 animations of every type all over the screen

Test performance in two ways. For this I use GPU-Z and check GPU load parameter

1) Every animation has its own atlas with images and json file - GPU Load 47%
2) Every animation has its own json file but uses the same atlas with images - GPU Load 61%

Made the same tests with sprites as well,  total amount of sprites is 180, 10 of each type.  

1) Each sprite has its own download link - GPU Load 90 %
2) All textures are in the same spritesheet - GPU Load 63%

Why tests with Spine have opposite results?

PC config is Google Chrome v65, Windows 10, AMD Radeon HD 7450, Intel Xeon x5650

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I hope it's ok me piggybacking this thread for another, probably unrelated spine performance issue rather than starting another thread.

The project I'm working on has a lot of spine animation and also can have a very large canvas. I'm finding that if I have the game running then switch to another tab and wait more than 4-5 seconds, when I switch back to the project it freezes for a few seconds with the permorance analyser showing it being s. I have every spine with autoUpdate set to false and I have found that if I cap the delta time that can be passed into update it helps, but if with that there is still a noticable stutter.

To clarify, my update function looks something like this:

this.lastTime = this.lastTime ||;
var timeDelta = ( - this.lastTime) * 0.001;
this.lastTime =;
   timeDelta = 0.01;

Is this something anyone else has seen and is there anything that can be done to help?

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On MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) same result, but on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) everything is ok. 🤨
It's not a critical but i want to understand the problem.

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Doesn't work. But i took my tambourine, dance with animation and found something strange.
If i use 25 "bear" or "elephant" animations, gpu need 2ms, but for 5 "bear" and 5 "elephant" - 10ms. 🧐

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