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DynamicTextures on a Cube

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Hello again!

I was playing around with some of the examples (love the playground).  In this instance I was looking at a PG that created a ground and applied a dynamic texture to it.  For kicks, I changed it to a Cube, but noticed that whatever I drew on the dynamic texture would show up on all 6 sides.  Is there a way to make it so that if I draw a star on one side its not duplicated on the others?

Thanks for your time

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split up the sections of the uv.

Right now each faces uv is 0,0,1,1;
you would need to split them up into 6 seperate sections.
so something like:
var third = 1/3;
0,0,  third,0,
0,third, third,third,
third,0, third*2, 0,
third,third, third*2, third*2,


as the uvs.

^^^ follow deltas instructions though its easier!

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