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Blender Babylon Exporter no Properties?

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Hi there,

i am currently trying to export just a model from blender using the babylonJS exporter provided on git.
The installation worked.

In the documentation there is an export property window shown where i can check what i want to export.


But i cant't find this window?
If i export as babylon there is just written no properties.
I tried with Blender 2.79 2.76 2.73 (64/32 bit) and Exporter Version 5.6 and 5.5

The reason for this is that i want to export without the automatic texture bake...

Can anyone please help me out?
Best Regards 



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This window is not in the export properties.  It is in the seldom used Scene tab of properties.  The reason is so that these settings can be saved in the .blend file.  This way, if you are exporting over and over during development, you do not need to fill out things every time.

As far as no baking, there is a switch in the source code you have to un-comment in  This is not really supported.  It is a left-over from development that I did not want to delete.

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Hello JCPalmer
Thank for the quick replay i found the menu !

For the i had a look into but im not good with phyton could you clarify which lines in the code you are talking about?
Do you know any other way to get a Model from blender to the .babylon File format without the extra stuff?
(i only need mesh material-names and 2 Uv slots)

Thanks in advance


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Ah, sorry the commented out switch is actually a way to force baking not the other way around.

If UV's are present, they are always exported ( up to 2).  You probably do not want placeholders for materials, since they are going to compile to shaders.  You might just delete the materials, but make sure there is a least one slot or an error results.  Then build and assign them in BJS.  You can also just switch to the internal render, which does not bake unless you have a procedural texture.

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