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help with timeline config/onComplete

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I'm setting up a Timeline and I'm doing something wrong. I want to do this:

                var oc = function () { playerMoving = false; };
                var timeline = scene.tweens.createTimeline({ onComplete: oc });

but this doesn't work (onComplete is null when inspecting in the debugger and doesn't trigger).

I see that createTimeline() accepts a config, uses TimelineBuilder.js, and seems to apply that config. Seems something like the above should work.

I was able to force my callback into the timeline like this:

                var oc = function () { playerMoving = false; };
                var timeline = scene.tweens.createTimeline();
                timeline.setCallback('onComplete', oc, [timeline], timeline);

but this is a hack, it can't be the right way.

I'm probably missing something really simple, can anybody point it out?


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