SUPER-STARKILLER-3000: My first game with Phaser

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I recently finished my first game with Phaser in just under 2 months. Its a 2D action / bullet-hell style shooter with a story, made using Phaser. You can play it here: SUPER STARKILLER 3000 

I also wrote about what I learned in a retrospective you can read here: https://github.com/fahseltc/SUPER-STARKILLER-3000/blob/master/docs/article/postmortem.md

Or check out the source GitHub: https://github.com/fahseltc/SUPER-STARKILLER-3000




Thanks for taking a look!

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Nicely made, but the blue things couldn't be hit. Mission 1. They appeared and that basically meant game over.
Also,  tutorial gives an error: Cannot read property 'LEVEL_TYPE' of undefined at root_ui.js line 5 (new RootUI)

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Thanks for taking a look! I had no idea the tutorial was broken, my mistake. I have fixed it now.

The tutorial might clear up some of the confusion you had about blue enemies, right click does a blue expanding circle attack that destroys the blue enemies. I admit that I could have made it more obvious otherwise though.. Thanks again.

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