Winmr controllers are not showing up on chrome/winmr_for_steamvr

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This issue exists on steamvr/winmr environment. (Steamvr running over winmr).

To create the env:
- Use windows mixed reality
- Install SteamVR and WinMR for Steamvr
- On the chrome browser, enable the following via chrome://flags
  - WebVR
  - Gamepad Extension
  - OpenVR hardware Support

To repro the issue, you can use any babylonjs webvr page that enables the controllers. WinMR controllers are just not showing up.

I guess this could be an issue with my configs, or chrome itself or remote possibility: babylonjs.
Let me know if you have a workaround or solution to this.

Chrome has so far the best performing webvr browser, easily reaches 90 fps for my test webvr apps, while Edge is only about half of the perf.
Just too bad I can't have the winmr controllers showing up.

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Sorry, based on this site: https://webvr.info it looks like only Edge, Firefox and Supermedium are supported by the mixed reality headsets at this time. When I tried an MR headset in chrome and chrome canary (With babylon or Aframe), webVR caused steamVR to hang :( so I think it might be an issue outside of babylon. When chrome removes webvr from behind the flag or when webXR is availible hopefully these compatibility issues will be resolved.  

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So I tried again today with the latest win 10 creator update.

I am using  winmr headset/controllers with Chrome browser running on the Steamvr (over winmr).

Yes the controller showed up! But....wait...  it's not the winmr controller, it's the VIVE controller mesh!! 

I guess Google still has no love for Microsoft.😁

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