Grid physics plugin for Phaser 3

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I've published the first version of my grid-based physics plugin for Phaser 3 (a port and improvement from the Phaser 2 version). It makes it easy to create a game where the movement is restricted to tiles or a grid and comes with helpful built-in features such as a system for pushing objects or walking on one-direction tiles.

I'm making the plugin to use it in a RPG I'm developing but it's suitable for everything from Sokoban-like games to Rouge-like. However, the development of the plugin will be focused to add features I need and fixing bugs that affect my game. Let me know if you use the plugin and feel that stuff is missing or if you run into issues. I won't be adding stuff just for the sake of the plugin unless there is a demand.

 bridge.gif  oneway.gif  pushturnbased.gif
1. Testing a bridge and tiles will collidable borders.
2. Testing one-way collision (and I got stuck).
3. Turn-based mode with smooth animations. Multiple bodies getting pushed.

DEMO http://metroid.niklasberg.se/P3GridPhysics/ (Use dat.gui to toggle turn-based mode, maximum number of bodies the player can push, velocity and more)

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Thanks! Will try to upload a proper Phaser 3 demo until then. It'll be similar to the existing Phaser 2 demo minus pathfinding plus a few bugfixes and a working turn-based mode. With some luck, I'll manage to add z-index so that you can walk on or under a bridge.

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