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Looking for a blender expert to fix weight paint for BabylonJS

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I'm looking for a blender expert who can fix the weight paint of a blender model so that the exported .babylon file looks good when rendered in BabylonJS.

Engine limitations need to be taken into consideration (e.g. 8 bones per vertex).


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TIP: youtube or udemy or cgicookie.... ah wait, export? No this is different. Not everything can export. So you have to start small and use meticulous trial and error. : )

You need to export-incrementally, as you build, to be sure it works as expected. Many things can be tricky until you get used to the process...

For example: materials with cycles engine. If you didn't know that they are not supported (maybe they are or never) then you would be surprised that they do not export. 

The same is true for many things. A 2nd example of this -> you have to pay careful attention to ORIGIN. Because .babylon export is very good and will do exactly as you tell it. : )

So often I would go to Object > Apply > (RTS) rotation, translation, scale... until the day, that I needed the origin to NOT be APPLIED. What a surprise that was... 

Ping me if you have specific questions on .babylon export and maybe I help design test to isolate export failure that is in need of BLENDER-WORKAROUND. : )

Last tip... debug asset manager and have a look at the skeleton.

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When I've run into this complication in my projects... it often meant that the mesh needed to be rebuilt with the export in mind. 

So going step-by-step, i'd prove out each part that would export. And fixed many small things.

It became particularly tricky for somethings like bone animation, where there are many parent bones.

More specific I solved a nighmarish IK which was unorhodox by requirement.

It was tricky but not impossible to find solution.

I'm not surprised that your assistant got stumped. It isn't easy. It takes... passion for your mesh to get it through.

I would probably need to spend much time as well (re-blend the entire thing) [multiple times].

So short answer not looking for freelance. Also need assistance.

Becoming a blender guy... worth it for 100% open-source 3D pipeline?

And what is the mesh? 

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@royibernthal if you were to choose to become a "blender guy" - I would help you 1hr free. Because I believe in the 3DWebPipeline.

Google chat. np. msg (I'll show process of how to find what is missing). 1hr. : )

Worth if for the 100% 3D Pipeline. right?

And blender is just a bunch of hot-keys anyway.

I'd post a cheatsheet here, piece of cake.

No doubt you agree... and then tell me -> "the mesh is a fully-animated medusa snake-hair!!!" : 0

To which, aFalcon either loves it and helps  ~ or flies back to a granite mountain ledge. : )


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On 5/15/2018 at 2:09 PM, aFalcon said:

And blender is just a bunch of hot-keys anyway.

In Blender 2.75, there are a mere 3774 hot keys.  A weekend learn... no biggie.  (omg!)

(derived with Wingnut-badly-coded Blender-drilling code... available here)

Yeah, I'm off-topic, but, in that same vein, why are we seeking Blender artists in BJS forum?  Shouldn't that be done in Blender jobs forum?  *shrug*

I bet success levels would be higher, there.

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@Wingnut to the rescue!

Wow only 3774?!? .... : ].

Love that list, and the link. 

Good IDEA: how about  -> top 10 Blender hot keys.

And since you mention it --> concept of BLENDERFIX.

BLENDERFIX required for .babylon exports to succeed (primarily around bone animation btw, but also...ORIGIN)

Is the blender community going to support .babylon animation exports? Na. So it's us, and art.

"So I'll stand, randomly pointing, all good, no worries, nbd." says aMonkey.

Significantly more art/science inbound in 3Dpipelineland.

Curious. What is the mesh that @royibernthal is willing to pay to fix?

And why won't he say what it is??? Such a mystery... 

My bet: "Medusa-snake-head".  What do you think? 

That would break the export. : )

But he is nice guy so second guess is army tank (multi-rotating turrets etc).

Free time used up this week, but... : (

~ aMonkey cannot resist a candy. (me) : )



@Wingnut - does that list contain hot key for: apply -> rotation, scale, translation???

Also the opposite (I'll look for)... Origin - To - Center. Always forget how to get that menu... 

...tricky for any babylonian. Need it often to fix export...

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