The built up scene in babylon keeps refershing the page on an ipad .

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Hi Guys, 
The scene that I have built, makes the page refresh every now and then on any iPad safari or chrome.

On an iPad Air 2, it keeps refreshing itself every now and then.

On an iPad pro, it loads, but the moment I use the camera view to look around it dies and refreshes.

I am starting to think that this is something to d with the speed/memory on the iPad and the amount it can handle when the camera turns and the processing begins.

I have tried debugging it on the iPad by connecting it to a Mac on safari. But as soon as the refresh happens, the dev tools disappear and also, I see no errors there before it refreshes.

If I am right, how do I work towards making it lighter for iPads and if I am wrong, what should be my approach?


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8 hours ago, Deltakosh said:


This is really weird. This is a server on which it was 6 months ago. I also tried viewing the site with a proxy from US, I am able to see the site. Could you please try flushing your DNS and trying once OR try on a different network.


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I tried it in private as well as the incognito mode. I still see my app. Also, this is being used by people right now. So i am sure it's no cookie.
I hope that's what you meant with private. Attached an image with the app in the incognito mode.


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@aWeirdo ,  have tried that too. it still refreshes the page with nothing being caught. The web inspector just closes down when the page refreshes itself. hence, leaving me no way to figure out what is going on. A preserve log does not work either.  Also, are you able to see the site? Or you see what Deltakosh sees?

@Deltakosh , were you able to view the site? 

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