Looking 4 teammates for rpg

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I am new here and new to html5 / JavaScript gamedev in general. But I do have lots of experience with C# and Unity, now looking to learn something new!

I'd rather not do it alone, if there are people in a similar situation and willing to join me in making a simple old school RPG for learning purposes please let me know!

Not looking to make any money out of it, I will make it an open source project on GitHub instead.

Anyone interested?

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Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

@Lypzis your project looks great and thanks for the offer, but I'm looking to do something entirely from scratch. Also I'd like to keep it short and simple, my goal is to complete the project in two weeks from start to finish. I may well fail, but I've made unity games in 2 weeks before, and I'd like to aim for that same timeframe with my first html 5 project.

@Bahototh I'm finishing a job this week and would like to start next week if you're available? Like I said, aiming for something quick & simple to start with, shouldn't take too much of your time (though the idea is that it will be open source so you and others can continue to develop it into something bigger if you wish)


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Of course, the more the merrier :)

I'll try to set up a team board on Trello over the weekend. Unless you want to use a different collaboration tool, I would be ok with that, provided it's free.

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