Vinny Reis

Which is the best JS framework to make a web card game?

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Hi @Vinny Reis

Everybody who post a reply here will give you different answers, because we all have our favorites.

Saying that, I've tried all the popular HTML5 frameworks, and messed around with them extensively.

In my opinion you will not find a better engine than Panda 2. It is incredibly easy to pick up, super flexible, has awesome support, tutorials, plugins and even a bunch of game templates.

This engine is absolutely amazing, lightweight and has a ton of features which other engines make you code from scratch.

There is currently a sale on the Panda 2 Editor license - $39/year or $159/lifetime license.

You can download a free trial, if you'd like to play with it first - but honestly I haven't been this quick to recommend an engine in my life!

Give the trial a go and see what you think :)

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@Ninjadoodle is there anything that makes Panda2 better than other solutions specifically to make card games, or is that more like a general recommendation because it's good to make any type of games?

I had a quick look and it seems good, and I am not opposed to paying for a good engine, just wondering whether it's worth doing that when there are so many free alternatives...

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Hi @kolkat

In my opinion there are so many things that one has to do in order to get a game out, it's crazy.

From setting menus, scaling the game to fit the screen correctly, loading/unloading assets, sprite-sheet management and so on.

I've tried many of the free alternatives and I honestly believe that there is no better, hassle free and flexible option to get a game out.

I found that a lot of the alternatives had missing features, or long winded ways of doing things, as well as very sporadic updates .

Phaser is an exception, and is awesome (I however MUCH prefer Panda as it makes everything straightforward).

The only free/open source game engine that I would recommend (if you want to code), is Gideros Mobile. Gideros is VERY good and always maintained.

My main issue with Gideros is that the HTML5 'emulation', that it produces is really not very good, in comparison to pure JS engines.

To sum it up - yes Panda 2 is very good for making any type of game, but specifically for your game - you'll be able to do exactly what you need without headaches and long winded workarounds.

Hope this helps :)


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There is a game card made by one of this forum users (I don't remember the name, I hope he sees this topic to answer it).

It's only jQuery and plain HTML5 and he also has a Steam version.

Its a vampire card game (magic the gathering style), looks very good, hope he shares his experience with you.

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On 5/31/2018 at 4:01 PM, Vinny Reis said:


I forgot to mention... I want to make a battle card game, not a simple card game

If you would like to have explosions, bright graphic or even 3D or maybe lightning and other complex things, better to use Three.js.
Otherwise if it will be 2D only, you can use any engines you want, Pixi.js/Phaser almost popular.

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