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Check your log file.  I get 3 actions for your armature:

processing begun of skeleton:  Armature, id:  0
	processing begun of bone:  root, index:  0
	processing begun of bone:  foot_ik.L, index:  1
	. . .
	processing begun of bone:  Leg_R.001, index:  86
	processing action AMN_GAME01:  in[0 - 1], out[0 - 1]
	processing action ANM_GAME:  in[0 - 630], out[10 - 640]
	processing action CameraAction.001:  in[0 - 1], out[650 - 651]

When you are exporting multiple actions,  you need to start them as animation ranges.  Looks like you only wish to export the current action.  In that case, select 'Only Currently  Assigned Actions' in the Exporter Setting Panel on the Scene Properties tab.


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