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cloud : fill inside of mesh

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SO good!  phew. 

I tried some godrays on 'g' mesh, just for fun.  God said "NO!"  :D  (common answer, for Wingnut)

This cloud thing... might be used for volumetric lighting with moving fog...   (that's my faked version)

Also for @aWeirdo's cool slow-moving low-lying fog demo:      

aWeirdo had a better particleTexture in #1, but it's URL went sour, and I had to find another and change line 64 blendMode from standard to one-to-one.

Anyway, this is NICE cloud, Nazerinskivich!  You're such a shader God!  (drool) 

Will you please move next-door to me?  :) 

C'mon, the crappy apartment next door... is almost ready to rent... REAL CHEAP!  It has a fireplace!  Pack up, I'll send a truck for your stuff.

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thanks @Wingnut :) it is not just cloud before this we just can draw on face  but i try draw inside of mesh i don't think now about what benefit that have

i start with this sample



i just wanna draw what i want in one shader ( without post-process )


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