Problems with importing models

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I want to import my .babylon model with animation into my code but the model didn't appear and if it does appear, the animation won't work.

This is the code 

var human = new BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("human", 1.0, scene);
        human.isVisible = false;
        human.position.y = 0;
        human.position.x = 0;

        BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "models/Vanquish/Human/", "Humans.babylon", scene, function(newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons){
            skeleton = skeletons[0];
            skeletonMesh = newMeshes[0];
            scene.beginAnimation(skeleton, 0, 20, false, 2.5);
            for(i = 0; i < newMeshes.length; i++){
                newMeshes.parent = human;


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Hiya PP, welcome to the forum.

See this BJS playground scene?

Can you edit that (as often as you like) and make new saves (as often as you like)... and somehow get your Humans.babylon (or some other SMALL/SIMPLE .babylon file... to load-in from a public/github URL/location?

That would make it easier for us to help.  I hope it is a simple/basic scene... something small to troubleshoot the mesh loading.  A small .babylon file is good to start-with, using simple and short animation.  Please try to provide these things.  Thank you.

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