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Looking for help with a project - basic modeling and animation

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Hi everyone!

I have a personal project that I need help with - mostly [basic] modeling and animation. I don't have any funding apart from my own paycheck, but I'm happy to pay, and spread the project out across paycheques as required.

What I need (most important to least important):

1) A 3D shape to present two lines of text (one small and one large) and a circular logo

  • I'm planning to use the GUI system to draw the text on a transparent plane just in front of the surfaces of the object
  • I need to be able to change logo and text on the fly, and then animate the entire thing as a single object (rotation/flip and slide)
  • Think of it like one of the boxes that slides from the bottom left corner of a news report or documentary with the name of the person being interviewed
  • Materials, 3d shaping, texture, bump-mapping etc to add visual appeal, but I'm no artist
  • A vague concept has been attached to this post

2) An animated asset to convey information about a playing song

  • I'm most partial to the idea of a spinning record that I can put text on the label of, with a needle on the side
  • A spinning CD would work
  • An animated VU meter or spectrum peak graph would also work
  • It will also need some kind of surface to place artist/track name on

3) A basic representation of a person

  • Cone body, sphere head and disconnected sphere hands is absolutely fine
  • I need to be able to change the colour of the body/shirt/whatever on the fly
  • I need basic animations with: (1) waving a 'hand' in the air; (2) waving both 'hands' in the air; (3) clapping 'hands' above 'head'; (4) jumping and waving an oversized #1 foam hand in the air; and (5) bouncing (running gait) while waving 2 oversized foam hands in the air, possibly wearing a beer-bong hat.

Assets will be presented on a flat (ortho, 90 degree) autonomous (non-interactive) stage, but will be spun, flipped and rotated, in addition to the required built-in animations.

I will sort out the code side of things for the most part.

PM me if you're interested.


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