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Pass custom variable into Phaser.Game()

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I'm trying to seed my game with custom data. For example, in Phaser 2 I was able to instantiate a new Game object with any number of parameters. It seems Phaser 3 is only looking for a config object with specific properties and nothing more. Is there a way to do this?

new Phaser.Game({
  type: Phaser.AUTO,
  width: 916,
  height: 400,
  scene: [BootScene, PreloaderScene, MenuScene, GameScene],
  antialias: true,
  myCustomObject: { }

Note the "myCustomObject" passed into the game.

I would prefer to keep my Phaser implementation to one line and not have to resort to the following:

var myGame = Phaser.Game(config);
myGame.scene.start('myScene', myCustomObject);


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I think it would have to be 

  callbacks: {
    preBoot: function (game) {

You could make a feature request. Maybe a game config key like data that could pass through arbitrary data.

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