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Phaser vs Wix !!!

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Hey everyone, hope you are doing good 

Not too long I was looking on the net for a piece of advice about how to create a 3d furniture editor/ customizer (which library to use and stuff...)

and the best thing I found was this topic

But I still not decided on which to choose: Phaser or Tree.js ...(do not know where to start either)

Why did I mentioned Wix in the title?? because I started this project as an internship and the company is already on Wix 

so I'm looking also for a way to integrate the the 3d editor on a Wix page (if it is possible)

here is an example of what the company asked to code :


I'll be more than grateful for your thoughts and insights ^^

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Afaik Phaser doesn't do 3D right now (like at all. Maybe you could emulate DOOM's fake 3D engine but that is as far as one would go). So go for three.js. Might also want to check bablyon.js , I think it is a tiny bit easier to grasp.
Also it doesn't matter which service you use to host/construct a website, as long as you can put code on some pages in it's iternal editor or via ftp you're good to go.

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