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How to export an animation created using Blender add-on named COA Tools?

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This is the COA Tools:

It's an add-on for creating animations with cut-out technique.

In the samples folder there's an animation:

I'd like to export that animation using Babylon.js exporter.

But I can't get the animations exported...

Any suggestions?

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The animations show exported in the log file.  There are 9 Blender Actions, which convert to BABYLON.AnimationRanges:

processing action Action_01_Armature.001:  in[0 - 40], out[0 - 40]
processing action Idle_Armature:  in[-54 - 114], out[50 - 164]
processing action Idle_Foot_R.png:  in[0 - 1], out[170 - 171]
processing action Idle_UpperBody.png:  in[0 - 1], out[180 - 181]
processing action NewCollection_Armature.001:  in[0 - 20], out[190 - 210]
processing action Restpose_Foot_R.png:  in[0 - 1], out[220 - 221]
processing action Run_Armature:  in[-20 - 38], out[230 - 268]
processing action Run_Foot_R.png:  in[0 - 1], out[280 - 281]
processing action Run_UpperBody.png:  in[0 - 1], out[290 - 291]

I am not sure how this all fits together.  One thing is in Blender no object actually "Owns" an action.  The only way you set an action to only export for a specific mesh is to name the action in the format 'mesh-name'.

Have never tried this on a scene where both meshes & an armature both had actions, so all actions are going to export for an armature.  Not really a big problem to ignore them as long as you start the action for the armature.  I notice that all the actions not on the armature are only 2 frames, so maybe delete them till you figure out which of the 3 armature actions you wish to run.

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