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I'd like to develop some automated UI tests for my PixiJS application (PixiJS 4.8.1). My test procedure should look something like this later:

const test = new UITest(){x: 100, y: 80})
test.drag({x: 100, y: 80}, {x: 120, y: 40})
test.dblClick({x: 200, y: 120})


For this I have to trigger events. I know that the InteractionManager and DisplayObject inherit from EventEmitter. Which option is the best way to trigger events?

1. directly on the canvas element?

const originalEvent = new MouseEvent('click', {
    bubbles: true,
    cancelable: true,


2. or via app.renderer.plugins.interaction.onPointerUp (originalEvent) for example?

3. or via app.renderer.plugins.interaction.emit(originalEvent)


Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to trigger an event with these three ways 😞


What already worked was to call the emit method directly on a PIXI.DisplayObject, but I needed to create a PIXI.InteractionEvent object myself, which was quite expensive ...


Thanks in advance!



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I've looked into the sources, but still don't know if it's best to use 

app.renderer.plugins.interaction.emit('pointerup', originalEvent)




But I think both should work, or not?


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Depends on what you want to test. If you want to test your code and assume the interaction manager works, then dispatch events from the interaction manager. If you want to test that the interaction manager works, and that your code works using it, then dispatch mouse events onto the canvas. The second is also more similar to what "a user would do".

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I assume that the interaction manager works, and want to test my own code. 

I found a solution for me. I fire standard JavaScript events (MouseEvent and PointerEvent) directly on the canvas element. The rest (triggering the events on a certain DisplayObject) then takes over pixi for me. It is easier than expected 🙂, thank you!

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