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Shadows different in new Version?

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When I use as my bjs lib, my shadows work.
But when I change it to:

I had to change to the preview version because it seems SphereEmitters emitRange does not work on the cdn version.

The shadows stop working.
What are the differences in the versions?

Here is the code for the shadows:

var sLight = new BABYLON.SpotLight("Spot-light", new BABYLON.Vector3(0,10,0), new BABYLON.Vector3(0,-1,0), 1.12, 32, scene);
    sLight.intensity = 0.6;

var spotShadow = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(1024, sLight);    
    spotShadow.useExponentialShadowMap = true;
    spotShadow.usePoissonSampling = true;




Not really sure what to do different.

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so the CDN one is 3.2
and the preview version is v3.3.0-alpha.12

So I guess the question is, what changed with shadows between these two versions?  I can not for the life of me get any shadows to come up with 3.3.0alpha12... but then again that's the version the playground is running and shadows work there still so my brain is about to explode.


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