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Hello i would like to present you my first HTML5 game that i made, and it's called putz!!! It is very simple puzzle game with simple mechanic and minimalistic desing yet it is very interesting and addictive. You can check it here. Also here are some screenshots. I would love to if you try it and give me feedback. Thank you!! :lol::lol::lol:

Link to the game --->>>




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Nice puzzle game. :) I like the minimal design

One thing I didn't quite get though, was that when you tap a green circle it turns blue, but when you tap is again it turns green again. I only much later understand that actually the level resets, but for a first time player this is not obvious. Maybe the dots should pulse animate when they blow up or change color to make this clear visually (so tween to slightly bigger and fade out).

Also, on level 10 there is some sort of bug. When you tap the center blue dot so you get green-green-red-red horizonally, and then tap the top-right most red dot. A chain reaction starts which doesn't remove all dots, but then the "next level" icon appears anyway.

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