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Issues with render group id in android webview

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had issue that I needed mesh A to be in front of particles, and particles in front of mesh B but all 3 should be behind rest of scene meshes. (Tried to make PG)

To achieve it I used renderGroupId but as default one is 0, I set `RenderingManager.MIN_RENDERINGGROUPS = -2` and for mesh `A.renderingGroupId = -2` and for particles `particles.renderingGroupId = -1`.

Works well in all browsers but in android webview particles are in front of some meshes (transparent pbr material) and some meshes disappeared that are in front of particles (near to them).

I am doing something wrong, or maybe there is better way to achieve this ?

Thank you :)

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Well if this works everywhere then the culprit is the android webview :)

just in case, can you try with only positive number (So you will be forced to set all meshes to a renderinggroupID)? I have no idea why this will not work as it is PURE vanilla JS


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