Pixi.js .NET integration - Events problem

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Hi, I'm experiencing Pixi.js in a .NET environment. I've build up my own Pixi application then I've tried to load it in a .NET Client through a WebBrowser component.

The application is loaded but no mouse event is fired in Pixi.

I've excluded the problem is from my Pixi application by pointing the webBrowser to the click example at "" and no click event is fired on the bunny.

NOTE: both windows forms and wpf webbrowser give the same result. Events in the application managed by other libraries such as D3 and jquery give no problems.


Can someone help me to figure it out?

Thanks in advance


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18 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

example uses "iframe". Copy&paste it to empty html/js and open it in webview, tell me if it works.

Still not working.

14 hours ago, bruno_ said:

The webbrowser control in WPF and windows forms is the same as Internet Explorer 8.

It won't be easy to use that in html5 games.

It is possible to emulate any IE versions modifying a registry key. In fact I'm able to run html5 but the events problem, only on pixi, remains.

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