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Hi again ! So with the recent fix on executeOnAllControls, I wanted to push the boundaries but hit a wall almost immediately. Not entirely sure which is the culprit here but I repro'ed in PG:

On my screen, the perf is still fairly smooth with 100 textblocks. If I set it to 1000 in the for loop, the pg slows down incredibly. Is this the case for html5 ? I'm just curious where the bottleneck might be and how can I still obtain smooth redraw past 1000 gui elements ?

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@Deltakosh yeah agreed, i was really hoping not to have to update per frame. My use case is for visualizing/debugging an elevation map (eg: ). Instead of showing 1 label on mouse-over, I wanted to show more data with box selection. Maybe I'll try smthg else, thanks.

@brianzinn that's nice, thanks for the effort ! Works ok on my browser but I really wanted to get similar perf to typical html5 on slower systems.

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