Gabriele Natussi

I can't see the imported mesh online (Error: Unable to import meshes from 3d/cube.babylon: Failed to load scene)

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Hi guys!

I'm trying to learn Babylon.js. It's really cool! I created a simple configurator with a mesh imported from blender and works fine on localhost. However, when I put my files online, I can't see the meshes and the page remains blank.

The Console returns this error: .

BJS - [17:53:08]: Unable to import meshes from 3d/cube.babylon: Failed to load scene.
t._ErrorEnabled @ babylon.js:4
f @ babylon.js:36
(anonymous) @ babylon.js:36
p @ babylon.js:4
XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
s @ babylon.js:4
d @ babylon.js:4
t.LoadFile @ babylon.js:4
b @ babylon.js:36
i @ babylon.js:37
(anonymous) @ babylon.js:37
load (async)
t._checkManifestFile @ babylon.js:37
t @ babylon.js:37
i._loadData @ babylon.js:36
i.ImportMesh @ babylon.js:36
createScene @ configurator.js:71
(anonymous) @ configurator.js:100

It seems that the .babylon file does not exist... but it exists! If I create a simple cube or another mesh (not imported from blender) it works fine...

I attach the project folder. And this is the url

Thank you in advance!

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