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Can Somone Make this in HTML5 with the Code

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Hi Grant, follow these steps:

  1. Download Inkscape and import the bitmap you want to trace using the File menu, (File->Import...)
  2. Select the bitmap
  3. Choose trace from the Path Menu (Path->Trace Bitmap ...)
  4. The Trace Bitmap dialog has settings for the tracing operation and a "preview"
  5. When you are happy with the preview, click OK, potrace will spend a few seconds processing the bitmap
  6. Close the dialog box and verify that you bitmap has been converted to a grouped set of vector shapes.
  7. Save file-> Normal .svg
  8. Finaly you can view it in the browser

more infos about SVG

have a nice day

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Dude, I don't think you are likely to get very far by asking people to do your homework for you.

Asking for somebody to show you how to go about doing it for yourself is one thing, but asking people to actually do it for you is pretty lame...


Here is google:


Go and use it.

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