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Scaling loading bar not works correctly

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Bowmasters.Preloader = function(game){


Bowmasters.Preloader.prototype = {
    preload: function() {
        let logo = this.add.sprite( -120, - 100, 'logo').scale.setTo(scaleRatio, scaleRatio);

        let bar = this.add.sprite(,, 'bar');

        bar.scale.setTo(scaleRatio, scaleRatio);

        //without next line loading sprite looks good, not cropped

        this.load.image('background', 'assets/Resources/BG/bm_bg.png');
        this.load.image('ground', 'assets/Resources/BG/bm_ground.png');
        this.load.image('icon_thor', 'assets/Resources/UI/icon_thor_odinson.png');
        this.load.image('icon_loki', 'assets/Resources/UI/icon_upgrade_loki.png');

    create: function() {



this.load.setPreloadSprite(bar)   sprite looks good.



After using bar.scale.setTo it becomes like:



This is my code, i am gonna to create loadind scene but i have a problem with loading bar. This was too big, and when i try to scale it becomes cropped  as on the screenshots. Give me the hint please how to repair it.

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