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[SOLVED] How to modify GUI button click animation?

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Hi @BuzyGear

Please see docs for buttons;


Visual animations

By default a button will change its opacity on pointerover and will change it's scale when clicked. You can define your own animations with the following callbacks:

  • pointerEnterAnimation
  • pointerOutAnimation
  • pointerDownAnimation
  • pointerUpAnimation




_this.pointerEnterAnimation = function () {
  _this.alpha -= 0.1;
_this.pointerOutAnimation = function () {
  _this.alpha += 0.1;
_this.pointerDownAnimation = function () {
  _this.scaleX -= 0.05;
  _this.scaleY -= 0.05;
_this.pointerUpAnimation = function () {
  _this.scaleX += 0.05;
  _this.scaleY += 0.05;


You can simply overwrite those functions, '_this' being your button name/variable ofcourse :) 
Have a nice saturday!


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