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my game seems incredibly slow on mobile devices compared to pc where i get between 50 - 60 Fps. I have like 15Fps maximum on android device and 18Fps if lucky. I know i should post some codes right but trust me it's a long list of code to post.. so are there any hidden optimisation tips specifically for mobile that i should know


NB: i'v tried LOD, Occlusion query, octree

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First, which OS?  iOS could easily be skinning on the cpu if you have more than 25 bones, while Android can handle many more. 2nd, that sounds about right. 

It can difficult to profile on remote devices to find your bottlenecks.  Use your browser's profiler on the desktop.  Even if you can not visibly see slowness there, any improvements on your desktop should translate.   At least the knowledge of your biggest issues give you a chance.

Blindingly doing "optimizations" without the faintest idea of where & in what amounts your application is spending it's time is not a winning strategy.  All you are going to get from what you provided is random suggestions.  Posting code is not necessarily better than screen shots of BJS debug layer stats, or a shot of the top time percentages from profiling.

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