BABYLON.GLTF2Export texture horizontally mirrored has no effect

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Hello Babylon community,
When using the BABYLON.GLTF2Export feature, I noticed that textures I mirror horizontally (via diffuseTexture.vScale = -1) do not change the glTF export as desired.

Is this a known / accepted limitation or is there a misunderstanding from my side? Also any workaround is appreciated (so far I mirror the texture again manually after exporting them).

Here a playground example to illustrate the problem:
Uncomment line #11 ( = // oStandardMaterialHightlighter.diffuseTexture.vScale = -1;) and compare the export results.

Any help is appreciated (pinning @kcoley as you helped me so greatly last time)


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@Adrian3D fyi, I am implementing the KHR_texture_transform with fallback behavior to handle your use case of scaling the v parameter, though implementing the architecture for extensions in the exporter took a bit of time.  I should be ready for a PR within a day or two.

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@Adrian3D it took much longer than expected, but you should now be able to serialize uScale, vScale, and other texture transform properties to glTF.  The original texture will be modified on serialization.  Let me know if that works for you.

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