Prevent game stopping on tab switch

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It seems, that if I switch browser's tab while game is running - the world stops completely. If I start jumping, then switch tab and wait for some time, then switch back - I'm still in the air and continue to fall down. Bullets also freeze in the air.

I try to add this to the create() function, but there is no effect:

var game = this.sys.game;

game.events.off('hidden', game.onHidden, game);
game.events.off('visible', game.onVisible, game);


What can I do to prevent stopping of the physics loop? I could live with missing animations, sounds and things like that, but physics should continue to run and change bodies positions. What can I do?

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There’s nothing you can do. The browser halts Phaser, it doesn’t do it itself.

You ought to pause the game fully if they switch tab and resume when they come back. If this is an IO game and you want it to not pause then you’ll have to work out for yourself how to pause and resume in a seamless way, because the browser is going to halt phaser regardless.

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