Can I pick a sprite with a ray?

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I'm able to pick sprites with Scene.pickSprite, but is there a way to pick them with scene.pickWithRay? PickWithRay only seems to return meshes (I've set isPickable to true on the sprites and confirmed that they're pickable with Scene.pickSprite).

The use-case is, I'm trying to pick sprites with a 3DoF VR Controller, so I don't have a 2d pointerX and pointerY to work with, only the controller's forward ray.

I'm thinking that my options are:

a. Use Vector3.Project to try to unproject the pickedPoint of pickWithRay (I'm using a skybox, so the ray will always hit something), then put that point into Scene.pickSprite. I tried this quickly, but I think the unprojected point might be off

b. replace the sprites with billboarded mesh instances that can directly be hit with pickWithRay. I suspect this might be the easiest option?

Or is there some easier way to pick a sprite with a ray?

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Wow that was fast! Do you know if it's possible to try this out using npm? I thought I'd be able to do repo#commit:

"dependencies": {

"babylonjs": "git+https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js.git#685b8f0f4babca6fa1fef13f24991f5cafa107d8"

But the new method doesn't seem to be included

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If you are really keen, you can build it yourself from source to get latest.  Just clone or download, run npm install, and a gulp task
You can use npm link or copy to your node_modules once built.  Only if you can't wait till Friday!  I would imagine it's in the playground already, though...  :)

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